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Six Week Booty Program

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From Jasmine Nicole:

About the Program

HI MY LOVES! Welcome to my six week booty program!! I’m so excited to share this personal program with you. This program consists of all my favorite glute focused workouts. I will have you train mainly glutes three days a week for six weeks. Some of the workouts will work other parts of your leg that will enhance your glutes.

My Story

I lost around 12 pounds of muscle because I wasn’t taking care of myself. I wasn’t eating as much because i was always one the go and i failed to put the effort into putting myself first. I stopped going to the gym thinking i was too weak. I was really down about myself, multiple people would ask me if I was “okay” because I looked so skinny. My goal was to have big quads and a nice big butt! I worked really hard through mindset and dedication to get to get where I am today. I want to help you beautiful women get confidence in yourself and grow your mindset and a booty


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