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Ashley Marie Lakomowski

Ashley Marie Lakomowski

Body Builder, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer

A Little About Me

I got into fitness because of my husband. His grandfather was in old school bodybuilding magazines his father was in over twenty shows and his brother had been in seven at that point. I just liked training and being able to see my body change and then after a couple years I was encouraged to step on stage! I did my first show in June of 2018 which was the Dallas Europa! Its a large show but I wanted it that way to push myself. I came in first in novice and second in open. My posing was off and had me realize the importance of stage presence not just your physique. My next show will be Jr. Nationals in Chicago in June to try and earn my pro card. My life mainly consists of Jesus as the center with family, fitness and food all competing with each other. My favorite go to food is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and cereal! easy to make and delicious ;). My other loves of life are spending time with my husband eating good food and watching netflix, my dog grace, she is the cutest! and i’m not just saying that because she’s my dog. I enjoy thrift shopping and crafting, its very therapeutic for me other then the gym 🙂


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