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Bobby Ramos

Bobby Ramos

Body Builder, Body Building Coach, Competition Coaching, Diet Coach, Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer, Physique Coach

A Little About Bobby

Bobby Ramos was born and raised in South Texas. Battling obesity and an out of shape physique in his younger years into most of his college life at Baylor University – motivated him to transform. He decided, for himself, that a lifestyle change was what he necessitated in order to live a happier, more holistic life. He graduated in 2013 with two majors, Biochemistry and Nutrition. Certified by the NASM and ACE health and fitness agencies. He finds working with clients that vary in age and fitness experience – has challenged him and has given him invaluable experience in the industry. Clients ranging from geriatrics needing in-home sessions, runners striving for increases in strength, and intense strength and conditioning individuals wanting to make 360 transformations. Having been involved for over 5 years in the industry, he believes it to be more than a passion of his. He has fully converted his diet and lifestyle into that of a “Vegan lifestyle” in which animal products are not to be consumed nor purchased nor does he support the business practices of those that harm/ignore sentient beings. Training individuals, as well as himself. is a commitment, as well as a source of excitement and fulfillment for him.


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