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Jaqualine (Jaquadline) Mata

Jaqualine (Jaquadline) Mata


A Little About Jaquadline

Hello, I am Jaqueline Mata and i believe in fitness. growing up around a family of athletes, i have always been hyper-aware of the body and its capabilities that go beyond sustaining every day life. being a gymnast for the first 10 years of my life led me to favoring sports that focus on what the body can do on its own. entering my second year of college at the University of the Incarnate Word, i was drawn to the weight room’s ability to allow the co-existence of femininity and physical strength and from that point forward i never looked back. 4 years later and i have since graduated with a bachelors in both Sociology and Government and have competed in two bodybuilding shows. i now focus on helping people, women in particular, find comfort and beauty in the weight room — shattering stereotypes and struggles that come along with being a woman in a male-dominant sport.

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