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Jasmine Nicole

Jasmine Nicole


A Little About Jasmine Nicole

Jasmine was born in Arizona raised in Texas. She has always been into sports and staying active. After high school is when she started lifting weights to stay active. She was very intimated because she didn’t know very much about training. Struggling with people constantly telling her she was too “skinny” she pushed through the negative comments to become healthier and feel better about herself. Once she started putting her health first she started seeing big results. She lost a lot of weight and muscle from not giving herself  the proper care. From 116lbs she managed to put on 9 pounds of lean muscle. She strongly believes in inspiring women who are not confident in themselves and show them that anything is possible with the proper mindset! That is inside and outside of them gym. She believes when we truly have self love anything is possible. Simply becoming a powerful women to help yourself grow and other women around you. She wants to inspire women to be limitless, powerful, strong, capable, and deserving of all things good!